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Illustrations & writing to celebrate free minds & wild hearts.

Established in Spring 2020, this space is a blog dedicated to the joys and challenges of living an unschooled life. Unschooling is home education which follows an ethos of self-directed learning and consensual family living.

This is not a space for perfect drawings or perfect words, but rather a way of using art to tap into our unschooling story, and tell it with authenticity and a dash of self-depreciating humour.

I hope it inspires someone out there. I hope you know, you are not alone, and that even on difficult days, this is a way of life worth fighting for.

Latest Posts

Honouring Our Wild

I have been hibernating in grief for the past two years, I haven’t been myself. When Dad died in 2020, the ground beneath my feet gave way and I fell down a deep, dark hole. I don’t know if this happens with all grief, or whether it is a particular feature of losing a parent,…

Freedom to Chill

Unschooling gives us the freedom to slow down and experience life at a pace that feels comfortable to each of us. The teen years in particular, are a time of exponential growth and change and so it is healthy for mind and body to take the time to be peaceful. Rest is a radical act.

Walking & talking

Walking, talking & listening has always been a big part of our (home ed) life, but it feels especially important to make space for it in these challenging times. Nature ‘holds the space’ so beautifully for non-judgement & simply allowing the conversation to flow.


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